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We believe in sustainable growth and win-win negotiation.

Who We Are?

About MIH Investments CORP.

We acquire and invest in small and medium business globally. Together we want to keep your legacy and bring your business to the next level. Our 2023 team is to acquire in 55M portfolio business and grow several company that are looking to expand.

Phalakone Mysay - Founder & Chairman

Phalakone Mysay is an Investor specializing in buying, acquiring and selling 1M to 50M Businesses in Warehousing, Hospitality, Real Estate And E-Commerce industry.

He is the best-seller author of 2 books "La Vie De Rêve" and "Real Estate: The Journey".

When not doing deals, he spends his time travelling with his family around the globe and part of his business goes to his non profit charity in South East Asia.

Our Services

We are an ideal partner for business owners seeking liquidity or families completing generational transitions. We focus on acquiring stable, profitable small to medium sized businesses that meet our investment criteria. Unfortunately, over 90% of all businesses listed for sale in US in any given year do not sell.

Our goal, like yours, is to successfully complete every transaction for the fairest price and do so in the shortest time frame possible. 





Annual Revenue: $1M - $25M

For bigger deals we're open to co-invest with bigger players.


Location: US/Canada/UK

We are also open to considering other locations and invite you you to contact us wherever your business is located in Europe, Asia, Africa or South America.


Multiple Sector including

Warehousing, Transportation, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Ecommerce. Other financial acquisitions are always considered case by case


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    Is MIH Investments Corp. a buyer or an intermediary?

MIH Investments Corp. is a principal buyer, MIH Investments Corp. is not a broker. We buy companies using our lender network and use smart debt to finance acquisitions.

  1. 2
    How long does MIH Investments Corp. hold its investments?

MIH Investments Corp.  is a long term investor. We do not 'flip' investments or seek to generate returns through short term financial tactics. We prefer the "buy, hold, optimize" model that we want to repeat.

  1. 3
    How long will it take to sell my company?

In general, we seek to fund and close transactions about 30 to 90 days after we enter a letter of intent.

  1. 4
    What changes will MIH Investment Corp. make to my company?

MIH Investments Corp. will not run the company, we will partner with the existing management team to determine any changes required to improve performance and sales.

  1. 5
    Does MIH Investments Corp. provide any guarantee for seller finance deals?

NO, if MIH Investments Corp. (buyer) stops making payments at any time, we will return company shares immediately. The seller will always have the option to buy back shares at any point.

  1. 6
    Is there any collateral?

Yes, the down payment commitment letter from the lender. We maintain a large rolodex of lenders we partner with to complete acquisitions.

Note: commitment letters are only issued if the borrower and company meet underwriting requirements. A commitment letter is a document that lets everyone in the transaction know that the lender is prepared to make a loan to repay the borrower.

  1. 7
    What's a business promissory note?

In some cases, we'll sign a promissory note (a promise to repay the loan).

  1. 8
    How does MIH Investment Corp. add value?

Depending on the needs of the company. At times, we outsource CFO, the business development team or the strategic consultant.

At all times, we are interested and active board members. We believe that our collective experience allows us to offer sound and prudent advice and guidance that, over time, adds value to each company. But we are mainly focusing on improving sales, profitability and have "SOP" in perfect execution.

  1. 9
    As a Business Owners or Brokers what should I know and next steps?

If you own a business within a criteria or bigger, have specific needs like retiring, other interest, need funds or want to sale, please get in touch with us to schedule preliminary call.

For business brokers, please also contact us to schedule a call and we will send you a our acquisition criteria.

  1. 10
    As an Investor, what should I know and next steps?

We only work with accredited investors from USD $100,000+ from all over the world.

Investors can invest globally and decide which entity to invest as an individual or corporation. We recommend you to discuss with your local accountant, lawyer and tax specialist to decide what's best for your situation. 

Next step is to schedule a call and determine if we mutually fit within our goals.



Don't be afraid to reach out. Let's Grow together and Make It Happen.

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